About Us

The idea of a company called "Flamingo" started in 2015, with a dream shared by two college roommates.

After numerous efforts of trial and error, Flamingo Online Store was born! It took a while to get where we are today, but our dream came true. 

Here at Flamingo Online, we strive to live colourfully and always stand tall, no matter the challenges we face. We want the same for you.

Unlike any other online shopping experience, every product on our store is hand-picked to suit our unique style of vibrant, uplifting colours and patterns paired with high quality materials. A style we proudly call “flamingodacity”. 

What’s more, with every purchase we donate to charities such as the EWT’s Wildlife in Trade Programme, that is focused specifically on saving animals and plants from trade-related threats such.

By shopping with Flamingo Online Store, you help the Wildlife in Trade Programme to save various wildlife species from threatening circumstances. Plus you get the best quality, high fashion items for the lowest prices, and FREE SHIPPING!


Don’t just live the trend. Start it!


Our sincerest regards,


Johan, Hederick & Emmett

(Directors of Flamingo Online Store)